One Way-2013

Article No.: 10332
Product class: Mechanical Door Locks

The One-Way-2013 locks the door bars and blocks one door handle. In order to
open it, the steel cable and the bracket must be destroyed.


  • suitable for the certification TAPA TSR
  • according to ISO/PAS 17712:2010 Norm (C-TPAT best practice)
  • no mounting required (variable attachment)
  • solid, weather-resistant steel locking consisting of 3 parts with identical serial number on all
    door bar bracket, locking pin, steel cable with a lead seal
  • for door bar distances of 265mm – 470mm
  • it locks and seals
  • NO key

Weight: approx. 1,5kg
Dimensions: approx. 510mm x 69mm x 52mm, thickness: 3,8mm


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