ELB-Lock locking system

Article No.: 3xxxx
Product class: Electrical, electronic door locks installed invisibly

With our electronic locking system ELB-Lock®, which was newly developed and produced in 2013 by Trans-Safety LOCKS® GmbH, container and/or trailer doors can be secured. In the development of this product we have integrated our long time experience in preventing theft, people smuggling, temperature changes, and manipulation. The locking system ELB-Lock® is based on the latest electronic and mechanical standards and is manufactured in automotive quality.

The locking system is waterproof and despite its high security procedures easy to handle. It is suitable for different climatic conditions. In addition to a robust and sophisticated software, the shear force is the most important factor for the safety of goods. Our system ensures a shear force of 4.000kg.

The operation of the locking system requires an electricity supply of 12V or 24V. If the system is installed correctly, a total failure is impossible (exception: force majeure).

The connection to a telematics system (RS232, RS485 or CAN-Bus protocol) is possible at any time via the control unit (ICM).

The locking system can be operated with a key switch, a handheld transmitter, by entering a code or wireless. If desired, manipulations to the system can be immediately reported to a telematics system via additional sensors and/or indicated on the spot by connected alarm transmitters.


  • 6 installation variants with different security levels
  • suitable for the certification TAPA TSR-1, BAT-V1 and GDP: Pharma and Food defence
  • automatic locking with 1 to 17 bolts
  • bolt diameter 20 – 25mm
  • connection to 12V or 24V
  • compressive / drag force 1200N
  • shear force approx. 4.000kg
  • HACCP compliant
  • operating range of electronics from -35°C to +70°C
  • current consumption 0,4A maximum 2,5A
  • standby current <15mA
  • emergency opening possibility
  • invisible from outside
  • ...